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This page is designed to introduce a newcomer to the Orthodox Internet. The list of sites presented here is based on the personal experience and expertise of our parishioners and is opened to further upgrades, corrections and discussions. We thought it is very important for everybody starting on their path to Orthodoxy and wanting to develop their knowledge of Orthodox teaching, history and practice to be guided to some reliable Internet sources. It is difficult not to get lost in the jungle of the Internet even if you have a good start. So we advise you to be careful and discerning and to consult your priest if you have any doubts. Our priest Father David is always happy to answer your questions.

Metropolotan Hilarion’s Online Chatechism is based on his well known book “The Mystery of Faith”. It is aimed at the adult reader who wishes to deepen his/her fath. At the same time it contains clear and coherant summary of the essencials of Orthodox teachings.

This is one of the best Internet resources for those who want to develop their knowledge of the Orthodox roots of English culture and to be informed about recent events in Russia and around the globe. Father Andrew (Phillips), the priest of St John the Wonderworker Church in Colchester – ROCA, is the main contributor to this Internet Journal.

This site contains a lot of valuable information about the Orthodox West before the Schism.

This is main web site of the Orthodox Church in America, closely related to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA). Good missionary content.

This is a web resource which is modern in presentation and style but faithful to the Orthodox tradition. It should be especially appealing to the younger generation. Contains video and audio material. The author is a priest of the Antiochian Orthodox Church in Manchester.

This site contains many Orthodox services which can be downloaded for personal and church use.

● The Reader Service Horologion:
containing the services of Typika, the Hours, Vespers, Matins, the All-Night Vigil, Small Compline, Great Compline, The Midnight Office, the Moleben, and instructions on how to do Reader Services

● Horologion Texts in Word Format
● Rubrics for upcoming Vigils
● The Variable portions of Typika
● The Variable portions of the Divine Liturgy

● Online Liturgical Resources:
a comprehensive collection of links to online liturgical material in English

A web site dedicated to the study of Orthodox Christianity through its patristic, monastic and liturgical heritage. The developer and administrator of this site is Father Matthew Steenberg who was a deacon at our parish in Oxford.

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